Eve Couturier, born and living in Paris, has been involved in live and recorded music for more than twenty  five years,
working with artists , film makers,  writers , as well composing for the theater.

She has worked for  the French National Radio station, France Inter in the 80s, reporting, editing,
and producing what she has called “Magnetic Writing.”
In1983 she joined the Radio Nova team, which was one of the most creative and experimental free radio stations on French FM.
In 1985, she created with Jean Jacques Palix  the  studio  Tapage Atypique (Atypical Noise) and  a record label Song Active Production.
They produced  many   soundtracks  and musical scores 
for the choreographers Daniel Larrieu , Brigitte Farges, Odile Duboc, Tomeo Verges, Alain Buffard, François Grippeau.

In 1996 she was the live   DJ, and the reader for “CP/AD,” a revival  major experimental choreography.
written  by Yvonne Rainer,  and performed by  the Quatuor Knust.

She recorded in 2002  her french translation of the John Cage text " Lecture on Nothing" soundtrack
 for the  film by J.J. Palix "Conference sur rien".
Actually, she  is sharing  artistic  situations  as spokenwords  performer.